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The value of working with a YegAgent Realtor

Realtors in Edmonton don't necessarily get the best press, frequently being portrayed in the media as venal and amoral, always looking for the easy sell. The truth, though, is very different, and in reality, a Realtor in Edmonton makes for an exceptional guide through the shark-infested waters of the real estate market. They can also add very significant value to your purchase.

Our Realtors at YegAgents really are on your side - This is no idle boast. Almost anyone can work as a property broker, but you can only call yourself a Realtor if you are a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Not only does this require a certain level of knowledge about the industry, but the Realtor will be contractually bound to serve your needs. They can't work against you in any property deal, and they must advise you to the best of their abilities. It's their legal responsibility to be truthful at all times. So when you take on a Realtor, you should be treating yourself to both experience and honesty.


Why should I need their expertise? Can't I just look up the details online? You could, but you're taking a very big risk with what's a massive amount of money. Property search engines can be great resources, but they should be no more than a starting point. The property valuation features are rather blunt tools, frequently ramming together pricing data that's out of date, and not totally relevant to your specific property. These valuation features can't take advantage of current market trends, and they won't take into account any peculiarities affecting a particular property or its surrounding area.


So do Realtors have access to something better? Absolutely. It's called the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and it represents Canada's best reflection of current pricing. It compiles information from Realtors across the country, creating a massive database of properties that are either up for sale, or that have recently been on the market. The data is vast, and the search criteria specific enough to give a reasonably accurate estimate of current value. The results aren't infallible, but when combined with intimate knowledge of both the area and the state of your house, MLS can be used to hit the perfect price point again and again.


What else can Realtors in Edmonton do? Property purchases are beset by legal regulations and rules. These are very fluid, and even if you understood the territory when you previously sold or bought a property, the chances are that requirements and regulations will have changed subtlely since then. A good Realtor will be on top of the legal situation, and can advise you accordingly. Modern contracts can be both exhaustive and exhausting, and having a strong voice in your corner should decrease your workload and tension levels, as well as possibly saving you from an unpleasant shock or two.


What about the property itself? The best Realtors in Edmonton are continually educating themselves about the latest building techniques. If a particular material is new or experimental, your Realtor may have some real-world experience of whether or not it's likely to be an asset. They'll help you inspect the property, assessing the condition of the roof, and probing extra features, like septic tanks or wells. Where there are problems like dry rot or mold, they should be able to uncover it. And where something isn't right on a property, they should be able to get the problems fixed, and/or secure a better financial deal. They'll also make sure that the seller doesn't have any opportunity to wriggle out of their obligations - particularly with regard to which fixtures and fittings should or shouldn't be left behind.


And, of course, when it comes to making the sale, Realtors in Edmonton can also handle the negotiations, should you wish. They handle property transactions every day, so they're less likely to strike a poor deal through nerves or inexperience.

Buying or selling a property is a massive deal to most of us, and you need to be sure you're signing with your eyes open. Realtors in Edmonton are legally obligated to do much of the seeing on your behalf, and their experience and knowledge will secure the best deal for you. 


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